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About Tony

Son of a newsreel cameraman and younger brother of a camera department technician, Tony 'came up through the grades' beginning at a camera rental company in 1974. Working there prepping equipment for crews embarking on arduous adventures to far flung parts of the world, it wasn't difficult to choose a career path. Tony would spend his Saturdays helping out on the set of the original Superman at Shepperton Film Studios before being hired to work on the 'Flying Unit'.
After going freelance in 1979, Tony assisted on films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Never Say Never Again, Another Country & Pink Floyd 'The Wall'. Working with these exceptionally talented crews/DoP's & directors gave him an invaluable foundation to build a career as a cinematographer.
Now a Cinematographer of 20 years he has filmed with hundreds of crews in over 70 countries, all of whom have contributed to his style of filmmaking
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